Ah Yes, I Remember it Well…..

Day 5 cntd (17th Jan 2009)

The Trinity (Borough) 3 x ½ Abbott Ale £4.35

The Trinity, Borough. What do you mean you can't read the pub sign?

The Trinity, Borough. What do you mean you can't read the pub sign?

Well, dear readers, we’ve travelled together for a while now, and I think we know each other well enough that we can beg your indulgence and offer a small confession.

In a nutshell: Mr Lewis and I had a collective senior moment. As a result, you will get TWO reviews of The Trinity in Borough.

To explain: This challenge day was a particularly long one. We had traversed two different tube lines, and many miles of West, South West and South London.  We were clearly suffering under the hostile climactic conditions – sub-zero temperatures and a spectacularly malicious wind-chill factor. This obviously made it extremely challenging to will tired, cold and stiff fingers into action to scribe notes, and equally challenging to articulate vocal descriptions over the sound of the howling gales around us.

So, we were cold, we were weary and we were unable to record notes. The fact that we had had a two or three alcoholic beverages over the course of the day is absolutely, unequivocally, and irrefutably unconnected to the fact that we completely forgot about one of the stations we had visited.

We have indeed managed to revisit the Trinity on a later tube challenge day, displaying absolutely no recollection of the fact that we had already been there, other than experiencing a very vague sense of déjà vu.

It is only since I have pulled together our incredibly well organised, crystal clear and simple-to-follow notes in recent days, alongside the professional and in no way unrecognizable photo you see here, that the full (blurry) picture has emerged.

For this ladies and gentlemen we must apologize. We have, of course, made errors before, but this adds a new level of shambolic misadventure to our ever growing quest. Fine work all round.

So what of the pub itself? Well, we don’t want to repeat ourselves so we’d better keep it brief. It’s a Greene King owned site, with the usual selection of ales (at least there were ales on).  A nice open plan bar with lots of wood and a variety of seating ranging from the very casual out front, to simple dining arrangements towards the back of the room. For us, however, there was only one focal point – the wallpaper to the rear of the bar which was a spectacular flowered affair which by all rights should have been unforgettable. Brian was convinced that this was the best wallpaper we had seen all day. He hadn’t seen the “Keith Lewis 70s print” in Establishment earlier of course, but it was definitely a close run thing. I guess if you’re going to doll your bar up with nice stylish wooden floors, the pub trade’s interior designers need somewhere to divert all that energy they usually put into outlandish carpets. The walls are the obvious targets.

It was time to bid farewell to our noble compatriot Brian at this point, another absolutely top notch guest star, as he turned back towards the South and the safety of his tastefully decorated house. I’m sure we could hear him muttering “the wallpaper, the wallpaper” as we went our separate ways.


The Angel (Angel) 1 x bt Corona, 1 x Gin and Tonic £5.79

Believe it or not, we were still within the realms of normal licensing hours, and we decided that it would be foolish not to try and squeeze one more station in – albeit a station where we a) knew of an abundance of premises in very close order, and b) were a lot closer to our ultimate (or penultimate, to be strictly accurate) destination of Kings Cross St Pancras.

And how appropriate that we finished the day, just how we started, wrapped in the warm embrace of a JD Wetherspoons, mulling over the great mysteries of Life, The Universe and Everything.  It won’t come as a massive surprise to find that the biggest recommendation for this pub is its proximity to the station – which was truly a blessing for us, as the weather gods had chosen this moment to complete a triple whammy of hostility by adding torrential rain to the wind and the cold. Still, it has to be said (deep breath), it was a relatively pleasant place to be. If fairly predictable. Lots of wood, lots of real ale, and lots of bar staff, plus a much better than usual atmosphere.  That’s almost a thumbs up for Wetherspoons, although the timing and the environmental conditions may have had something to do with it as well.

Having said that, Upper Street, where The Angel is positioned, is a fairly fertile hunting ground for your common boozehound, and there are plenty of other quality places nearby to spend your cash.  Not many as cheap as this of course, but that’s JDW for you. Bless them.

With a chink of bottle on glass and a brief toast to another day on the tracks safely negotiated, we drained our final beverages and prepared for the journey home. It was still raining. Honestly, it’s enough to make you want to stay in until spring.


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