About JW

img_0259A man on a mission. A mission to discover everything possible about the wonderful world of alcohol in its oh so many guises. A quest to discover the finest wines, and the most flavoursome beers; the most comfortable boozers and the most elegant bars – or at least all the ones close to tube stations, anyway. A quest that will doubtless involve talking copious amounts of rubbish on the way – the top ten black and white films of all time, the greatest song ever written containing a reference to cheese, who would win a fight between a bear and a shark, is monopoly better than scrabble, and who is Boris Johnson’s hair stylist? etc. etc. A man who has worked in the drinks trade all his adult life – but don’t let that fool you into thinking I know what I’m talking about….


7 responses to “About JW

  1. Jamie
    I am green with envy.
    Having successfully completed the Fullers Passport ( a beer in every (Fullers pub), some 20 odd years ago, this sounds like a great idea.
    If only I was still living in London.
    Happy drinking

  2. Hi Gents well done you!!

    In terms of ideas:-
    1) How about a progress update map so we can see how you are doing.
    2) Pub conversations – Taking tracks of my beers as a theme how about a song top 10, and a band top 10 eg Beers for Fears

    Keep up the good work.


    • Thank you!

      Would love to sort out some sort of progress map – but I fear it would take someone who actually understands technology to make it happen!
      Definitely gonna have plenty of music in the pub conversations. Look forward to some future input from you……

  3. Having just conversed with NR via alternative technology. He has agreed to set up a map thing for you Mr West!

    Suggest a Project and T&C’s meeting on the matter in WL as usual on a Friday!

  4. Gareth Walton

    Hello Jamie,

    How are you mate?? If you’re not sure who this is it’s Gareth from deepest darkest Borneo!!

    I must say i’m even more impressed with your mission now i’ve seen the organisation and commitment you’re showing!!

    I’ve put word around and have a few commited mates who are up for the challenge of joining you as guests on one of your legs!!

    I take it you and Liz are both well?

    Being the technophobe that i am i’m not sure if you can get my e-mail address from this so will leave it again any way!

    It would be good to hear from you.


  5. Hello Jamie

    How are you mate?? Good to see your quest is coming along well, love your conversation post lions!! I must say i’ve had a few of those myself since the event!!

    I dropped you an e mail a while ago not sure if you got it though as i’ve had a few problems with my e mail!!

    Caroline, myself and a few friends are off to the big chill in a couple of weeks, just wondered if you’re going??

    Hope you a Liz are well?? Speak to you soon


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