What the hell are they doing?

“What if we had a drink at the nearest pub to every station on the whole Underground map? How long would it take? Could it be done? Had it been done already? How many stations are there? How much would it cost? And how many brain cells would we have left at the end of it?”

The Official Rules to Keith and Jamie’s Grand Tube Challenge – with Beer (subject to change when we think of others as we go….)
1. All days must be started and finished by both Mr Keith Lewis and Mr Jamie West
2. Routes may be chosen and adjusted at will, but all stations must be visited
3. Always use the nearest pub/bar to the tube station, based on the pub search websites we used (fancyapint.com, and beerintheevening.com), personal knowledge, and, er, eyesight. Judgement can be used for stations with multiple exits.
4. Acceptable drinks – half a pint of beer or cider, a bottle of beer, a spirit and mixer, a glass of wine (only just acceptable), or a shot – limited to 2 a day depending how full we are.
5. We must undertake at least 1 Essential Pub Conversation each day. Making sense is optional.
6. No taxis – unless there is torrential rain, the pub is very far away, or we really really want to.
7. If the same pub is closest to 2 stations, we can just have two drinks there – but we must at least leave or enter every station.
8. Guest appearances are most welcome – as long as they buy drinks!
9. Drinks bought will be recorded (including prices), and wherever possible one of us must drink something English.
10. Total number of days, the spend, plus the start and finish date will be recorded – if only to remind us how much time and money we have invested/wasted (delete as appropriate).
Equipment required:  Ourselves, money, travelcards, a tube map, an A-Z, a pen and pad (which we may even upgrade to a dictaphone!), a camera, and a plan. Of sorts.

Come and join us on our quest……..


4 responses to “What the hell are they doing?

  1. Nice blog chaps! Hope to be able to lend my support to your quest on future occasions.

  2. This is a brilliant idea – surely crying out to be published in book form – sort of a combination of Ian Merchant’s ‘The Longest Crawl’ and ‘Do Not Pass Go’ by Tim Moore. I especially like the pubs conversation element. I recently published a book on the pubs in my home town called ‘The Story of Gloucester’s Pubs’ and of course, in the name of research, I had to visit them all. This was a much smaller task than the one you’re undertaking, but I enjoyed it enormously and set up a website to record my exploits: http://www.darrelkirby.com/storyofgloucesterspubs/pubcrawls/.
    Good luck and I look forward to future instalments .

  3. Where is the record for finishing this quest??? Or di it all just fizzle out???

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